See what you gain from HR Panorama

Learn the benefits of using the best HR management platform for your business.


Centralization of company records

HR Panorama will allow you to create a complete document library for the entire company. Your HR department will be able to manage correspondence more easily.

Personalization of documents

The more employees, the more certificates and certifications to prepare. However, there is a way to significantly speed up the whole process. In HR Panorama you can use special fields that change depending on the addressees of the document.

This is especially useful when the HR department prepares one type of print for multiple employees. All you have to do is add fields in the areas that need customization, and the system takes care of the rest. It doesn't matter if you create ten copies or a thousand, the process is just as fast. The more employees you have, the more time you save on preparing and personalizing documentation.

data import

Instant import from other tools

With the ability to automate data import, you can store all your information in one place. In HR Panorama, you have the ability to integrate with software such as Symfonia ERP, Harvest, Jira, or Google Calendar. As a result, transferring data between tools will take much less time.

Here's what information you can integrate into our platform:

  • Pay slips
  • Employee documents
  • Vacations and absences
  • Working time
  • Sick Leave
  • Time spent on tasks
  • Events
  • List of inventory products
signing of commission agreements

Electronic signature

The era of paper and pen is slowly coming to an end. More and more companies are moving to remote or hybrid working, which extends the receipt of signed documents. Electronic signature is a tool that makes it immeasurably easier to exchange correspondence between HR and employees.

HR Panorama offers the ability for employees to sign electronically. The HR department no longer needs to send paper copies through the mail. Instead, the relevant people receive a request for an electronic signature directly in the platform. Once they have done so, the HR department receives information about the signature.

Whether employees are in the next room or on the other side of the world, an electronic signature saves paper and, in the latter case, time and money.

Verification of reading and downloading the document

Do you want to check that your employees read the documents you send them? You can add an approval requirement in our platform.

The HR department has access to information on the approval of familiarization with the documents. This way you are sure that the employee has not overlooked important certificates. Moreover, you are able to quickly check the status of a particular document.


Improved communication with employees and candidates

Receiving and sending messages to current or potential team members is an important part of HR's work. HR Panorama supports teams in communicating business information faster and easier. You choose the form of communication, and our platform provides easy-to-use tools.

Sending SMS and emails directly from the platform

HR Panorama includes a communication center for your entire company. You can use our tool to send both email and SMS messages. You have full control over the type of notifications your message recipients will receive. Regardless of the device you use.

The same works the other way as well. Other employees can send SMS messages and emails that you will have access to in the platform. Thus, you can write and receive messages so far intended for different types of devices. All correspondence is in one place.

All employees using the tool have full access to the history of all messages sent and received. This means they can easily find important information they have shared with other employees in the past.

Space for group discussions

You can create messages for several people at the same time. The choice of notification (e-mail, SMS) is only one click away. The HR department can use this function when it communicates information to people who are bound by a specific type of contract or employees involved in a project that needs to be accounted for. The possibilities are many. You no longer have to write the same message several times.

Group messaging is also a place where employees can exchange information and ask questions. All correspondence is available to each chat participant. A single response instead of repeating the message multiple times makes the HR department save time.



A flurry of daily chores can cause many things to fall out of mind. Fortunately, our software sends notifications to remind you of upcoming activities. As a result, important tasks will be completed on time, and HR staff can rest assured that nothing will escape their attention.

The system offers the following reminders:

  • Acceptance of vacation requests
  • Approval of reported absences
  • Approval of time cards
  • Contracts awaiting signature
  • Upcoming training and research
  • Approval of expenses
  • Inventory reservations
  • Benefit applications