HR Panorama - A tailor-made solution

It's time for a new approach to HRIS software. If you're looking for a feature not available in any other tool on the market, we can create one just for you.

When others say "no," we say "yes."

Most HRIS tools on the market are limited in terms of the available features they offer customers. Each tries to differentiate itself in a different way. However, none of them offer the possibility to expand the platform in a customized way. Many potential customers are faced with a reluctance to add customized solutions by HR tool developers. The reasons vary: high costs and long time to implement the solution. If you see that what you are looking for is not part of the HRIS software, you have two choices: accept the lack of functionality or look for an HR solution that has it. )

HR Panorama is guided by a very different philosophy. We offer a customized approach to working with our clients. This means that if you need a function or module that we don't offer, we are able to build it specifically for you. We want to solve companies' problems in the area of human resources management, regardless of the number of employees, industry or location. For us, nothing is impossible. We are constantly developing our product, and every suggestion for improvement helps us do it even better.

We go out of our way to meet our customers' needs and are able to meet even the most demanding tasks. That's why we offer the possibility to personalize the tool in every respect.

personalization of the system

Compose HR Panorama as you see fit

Our tool has a wide range of features, but that doesn't mean you have to use every feature or pay for items you don't use. The HR Panorama customization process is simple and clear.

Contact us and set up a meeting where we will talk about your company's needs and our solutions. We will check which modules solve the problems faced by the HR department in your company. If you want to see selected functions live, we will prepare a demo for you, which will comprehensively present the elements you are interested in.

Test the platform for 30 days for free. See if HR Panorama meets your expectations before you choose the modules that will be part of your personalized package.

Compose the elements of the tool you want to use in your company. The system's modules are fully flexible. You can increase or decrease your individual package at any time.

Want more? We can do that for you.

It is often the case that existing functions are not fully adapted to a company's needs. Many companies make requests for expanded functionality, which is met with denial. If you need a tool that adapts to you, you are in the right place. HR Panorama is a tailor-made solution. Customers who are looking for unique solutions are welcomed by us. It is thanks to them that we develop our product even better.

Personalization works in two ways:

  • Develop an existing module or function
  • Creating a brand new feature for your business
integration with other systems

Connect the platform to the tools your company uses

The applications used in a modern enterprise should connect with each other and facilitate the transfer of information. The same idea also guides us. You can integrate HR Panorama with software in various categories.

Payroll management

Comarch optima

Communication inside the company

Slack, Microsoft Teams


Outlook, Google Calendar


Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets



Sick leave

Social Insurance Institution

Employee data

HRP Symphony

Are you using other programs and want to combine them with HR Panorama? Contact us for details.

Examples of platform personalization for our customers

Our openness to new ideas and the development of the tool is best confirmed by past realizations of individual customer requests. See how we customize HRPanorama to meet the needs of its users.

Automatyzacja przygotowania i wysyłki umów

One of our clients wanted to speed up the process of contracting employees. The HR department was using multiple tools and manual data transfer for each individual contract. With a large number of employees, the entire process took about two days.

After implementing our solution, the same number of contracts can be reprocessed in two hours. We have accelerated the export and import of data and automated the shipping of contracts so that they go to the right addressees without having to manually send individual copies. In other words, HR Panorama has streamlined the entire process from start to finish.

What's more, clients can instantly create and edit contract templates to suit their needs.

The benefits are also felt by the employees signing the contracts. After implementing our solution, the entire process on their side takes about 2 minutes. The high speed and intuitiveness has improved the signing rate by as much as 70%.

Scentralizowana rezerwacja pojazdów służbowych

Companies that rent cars and use them for business purposes often use spreadsheets to manage them. One of our clients asked us if we could add vehicle reservation support in HR Panorama, which we did.

Now, our client has a centralized database of company vehicles that can be accessed by all employees. Those interested in renting a car can check its availability in a few moments, and make a quick reservation.

Employees record the condition of the vehicle and its mileage before and after the rental by adding photos to confirm the authenticity of the information they filled out.

For the company, this is a big change, as it makes it easier to access data on the company's fleet of cars and eliminates the need to contact the HR department to make reservations. The HR department is able to quickly check the dates of booked vehicles and updates on its technical condition and mileage. It operates on reliable and up-to-date data, reducing the labor input needed to control a large number of vehicles.

The feature is available in both desktop and mobile versions. As a result, employees can make reservations at any time, even when they don't have access to a company computer.

Generowanie kart czasu pracy w różnych trybach pracy

Every industry needs its own solutions for generating time cards. Companies where the majority of employees work in offices, on contract and with fixed hours, will differ from a manufacturing company where employees operate factories in multi-shift mode.

In cooperation with our clients, we have implemented various modes of time accounting.

One of the companies was looking to account for contracted employees who perform their duties on flexible working hours.

Another client was looking for a time card system that would take into account a 4 shift schedule, and thus accounting for night work with an appropriately adjusted rate.

Our platform is also able to automate billing for more standard solutions, such as a rigid 40- hour work week with fixed hours.

The last of the cases we have introduced in HR Panorama is the ability to generate cards for all the modes mentioned above. This is the most advantageous option for companies that employ many workers, whether for office work, production work or temporary work, for example, abroad.

Whatever your time card needs are, we can meet them. We know this because our customers use various combinations of our solutions in this area.

Spersonalizowane rozliczanie delegacji

Controlling expenses on a business trip often takes place only after the employee returns, which can lead to complications. Receipts can disappear during a stay, and tallying up expenses after the fact is more difficult than systematically sending confirmation of expenses as soon as they occur.

At our client's request, HR Panorama received a dedicated panel where companies can quickly and easily collect expenses related to business travel costs. Employees send photos of their receipts via the mobile app, and these go to the platform instantly. This makes it easier to maintain the continuity of documentation needed to properly post trip expenses.

Automatyzacja zadań onboardingowych

Welcoming a new person to a company and introducing the functioning of a particular enterprise is a complicated process. Fortunately, it can be made easier with the help of automation.

One of our clients asked us to be able to assign tasks to a group of people involved in the onboarding process: new hires, as well as those responsible for their implementation. This way, managers can prepare a path of tasks to go through during the onboarding process, and the relevant people are always informed. The entire task structure can be created using templates, which speeds up the process of creating the path.

In addition, we have set up a reminder system that notifies the right people of progress in the onboarding path, as well as the need to complete the next task.

Find out how we can solve problems in your HR department

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