Comprehensive Inventory Management

Your command center for business equipment in your company. Gather all products and services in one place, view all available inventory and measure changes on a wide scale, check the history of each product, and import data from spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel.

Inventory - key benefits

Controlling your itemized list should be easy, regardless of the number of employees or equipment purchased. With the ability to import data from a spreadsheet, it will take little time to transfer an existing list to HR Panorama, and the useful features will make daily work with the product collection quick, easy and enjoyable instead of tedious, annoying and time-consuming.

You can have all kinds of equipment, from phones and computers to work clothes and accessories to company cars. Our inventory is ready for any type of company, both in terms of size and the type of industry you operate in.

Another advantage is that the module is connected to other functions in the platform. You can also check the data on equipment assigned to a particular employee in the Personnel module. This means that a whole lot of data is in one cohesive ecosystem for human resource management.

See what you gain by using the inventory feature in HR Panorama.

presentation of key data

A detailed dashboard illuminates the situation

HR Panorama posiada pulpit inwentarza, w którym znajdują się wszystkie najważniejsze informacje dotyczące produktów zakupionych przez firmę: od łącznej liczby przedmiotów, po ich cenę, a także żywotność.

HR Panorama has an inventory dashboard which contains all the most important information about the products purchased by the company: from the total number of items, to their price, as well as their lifespan.

The system suggests which products are about to expire, which is especially important when leasing equipment.

full control over inventory

Centralized product database

Without the right tool, it is easy to "lose" some items in the company. With the product list, you have full control over the inventory of the equipment you purchase.

You know how many items are assigned and transmitted, who owns them and where they are located.

Adding new equipment to the list is quick and intuitive, and archiving unneeded products is just two clicks away. You can also create custom fields and add them to any number of products. This will allow you to store even more information about the items your company owns.

equipment management

Assigned, transferred, received, confirmed

Assign equipment to a specific employee to reserve it for that person. When the employee receives the item, the status in the system will change to donated.

The system will automatically generate an acceptance report for the donated equipment. Simply print it out and send it to the employee for signature.

change log

Detailed history of changes

Does your equipment change owners frequently? At HR Panorama you can always check the usage history of each individual product.

When an item is assigned or transferred to a new person, the system remembers the change, making the HR department's job easier.

product search

Easy search

The more equipment, the harder it is to search for a specific product? Not in this case. Our tool offers advanced search filters. In addition to the name, you can also search for products by group or supplier.

Faster searches mean more time that the HR department can devote to other activities that require attention.

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importing products from a file

Import from Microsoft Excel

Already have a product database in a spreadsheet? Import it into HR Panorama. The entire list will appear in the system instantly. As a result, you won't have to spend time manually entering existing equipment into our tool, which will keep your work flowing.

The imported list can use all the inventory functionality available in the platform.