Streamlined Absences and Company Events

Find out how HR Panorama can improve the management of planned absences in your business. Make use of our Calendar to keep all the events in one easily accessible place.

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Comprehensive Absence Management

Full control from the moment the application is sent until it is approved

HR Panorama is an HR ecosystem that offers a wide range of possibilities regarding requesting and monitoring absences. See how various people in your organization will benefit from using the tool.

Managers/Team Leaders have full access to information about the absences of their subordinates. They have the option of accepting time off requests on a desktop or on a company mobile device. On top of that, they have a clear view of the planned absences of their entire team. That gives them insights into who is on holiday and when, so they can plan the work accordingly. Whether it’s delegating and assigning tasks or planning team capacities, knowing ahead of time will make life easier.

The system will make sure every request gets an answer. Managers and Team Leaders can receive notifications via email or communication tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

The HR Department knows about a planned absence as soon as the right person accepts it. That’s because all the information is saved right away.

Employees fill out requests in HR Panorama in just a few clicks. They pick the request type based on the options provided by Employment Law in your country. Every employee has their own calendar with all their meetings, planned absences, and other upcoming events. They can request personal time off on a computer or a smartphone app. The latter makes reacting to unexpected situations easier. Just a few taps on a phone screen and the PTO request is sent.

Manage Events and Company Meetings

Full insight into meetings, delegations across the company

Monitor all events – internal or external – on an advanced calendar where all the employees log upcoming meetings. Think of it as a command center for all of the company-related events.

Every employee can add an event to a calendar, invite team members, set start and end times, and add notes to provide the context for each event.

Set the visibility access to the events to make sure that need-to-know meetings stay that way. Or keep them open to everyone in your organization. You can adjust the visibility to any meeting separately.

Planned absences are also visible in the calendar. That way, the entire team knows that one of their members is out on holiday. If you don’t want this information to be seen by others, you can change that, too.

Automate Processes

HR Panorama will prevent errors and forgotten applications

Every time an employee fills out a time off request, they get a notification with the remaining PTO hours. Once approved, the system will add the absence to the calendar automatically. No need to do it manually.

The platform will prevent overwriting absences and send reminders to accept or deny a time off request to the managers.

Seamlessly Integrate with Timesheets and External Calendars

Automatic integration with time cards

Adding time off in HR Panorama is just the tip of the iceberg. Any accepted PTO will be added to the employee’s timesheet straight away. On top of that, the absence will appear in tools like Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar. It means no matter what calendar your team uses, you can be certain that both the time off and company events find their way to external calendars.

Communicate and display your events easier and smoother thanks to integrations with third-party calendar apps. Improve communication whether your team is remote or in the office.

See How It Works

Requesting PTO is easy as pie, period. No need for any paper copies and wasting printing toner. Watch the video to see how quickly your employees can create a PTO request in HR Panorama.