Onboarding Made Easy

Introduction to a new job doesn’t have to be complicated – for recent hires or the HR department. See for yourself.

Onboarding HR

Help New Employees Get Acquainted – Any Device, Anywhere

HR Panorama has everything you need to complete a successful and informative onboarding process for new hires. Whether your employees use computers or smartphones, they have easy access to onboarding materials. Here are just some of the things you can present in the platform:

Custom Welcome Messages

Say hello by quickly creating personalized messages for new employees

Onboarding Buddy

Assign a team member to walk the new hire through the first weeks in the company


Send all the necessary paperwork required to read and accept. Everything takes place via the HR Panorama platform

Team Introduction

Show the structure of the team and the entire company. Tell the new recruits who’s who

Personal Information

Create questionnaires to gather information about work experience, skills, and any other info you’d like to know.

Agreements and regulations

Make sure the new hires have read the required documents before they start their professional journey in your company.

Make a Great First Impression

Make a great first impression by presenting your company

With HR Panorama, the entire onboarding process is easy to create and personalize, and it takes less time. It also helps you provide all the information new workers need to get familiar with your company.

Pick the list of documents to send during onboarding with just a few clicks. You will be notified when the employee has accepted the required documents.

Onboarding and Inventory are connected, so the new people will know everything about the company assets you assigned them. For the HR department, keeping two types of data in one place makes work easier. Everybody wins.

Selecting the appropriate documents from the database takes just a moment. You will receive a notification on whether the new employee has read the required documents.

By combining onboarding with inventory, fresh hires will receive information about assigned equipment right at the start of work.

Provide a packet of key associate information and assign new hires a dedicated Onboarding Buddy - a person who will help implement the company.

Tailor-made Onboarding Every Single Time

Onboarding tailored to each new employee

Create personalized messages and documents in bulk. Apply tags and the contents will fit the recipient of your documents automatically.

That way, you will be sure each employee receives communication with their own information. Add various media types to your onboarding workflow – text, presentations, and video.

Dzięki zaawansowanym funkcjom personalizacji możesz tworzyć komunikaty i ścieżki w dowolny sposób, niezależnie od rozmiaru firmy i typów stanowisk.

Prezentacje, filmy, wiadomości – to tylko kilka elementów, które możesz dodać do ścieżki onboardingu.

Dołącz tyle informacji, ile uważasz za słuszne. Ogranicza Cię tylko Twoja wyobraźnia.


Automate the Onboarding Steps

HR Panorama will help you plan the introduction to the newly-hired members of your company.

Create an onboarding template and use it in multiple onboarding sessions to simplify the process. Or you can use one of our templates, which reduces preparation time even further


Monitor and Analyze Processes More Efficiently

Find out how much time you’re spending on onboarding-related activities. Generate detailed reports and compare historical data to get insights and improve your internal processes.

Keep track of various satisfaction metrics. Gather feedback to make the workplace even better and retain more employees


Check out the onboarding module in action – watch the video below: