Improved Time Management

Check out the features of HR Panorama that allow Human Resources teams to account for the work hours of all of the company’s employees much easier. Let your HR department verify the employee attendance in a better way.

Łatwe zarządzanie czasem pracy
Create Timesheets in Seconds

Creating time cards doesn't have to take a long time

Employees can create a timesheet manually or automatically. Add time off, absences, remote work, or commute with just one click.

For those with fixed working hours, just set a regular schedule and the system will fill out the timesheet for the entire month while accounting for weekends, holidays, and planned time off.

Generating timesheets is easy regardless of work type. Employees have various options that accelerate the process at the end of each month.

The HR department also benefits from using HR Panorama. Accounting worked hours based on projects and immediate export of data are just some of the ways HR panorama supports the Human Resources departments.

The timesheets contain the most important information, such as work hours, time off, remote work, and assigned projects, to name a few

Sync Timesheets with Your Calendar

Time cards fully synchronized with the calendar

Why do the same thing twice? Once the employee adds an absence to the calendar, it will be automatically saved in their timesheet. It’s just one thing that makes managing work hours a little easier every month.

Thanks to the integration of timesheets and the calendar, you can be sure that the absence is recorded, even if the employee forgets to enter it in the timesheet.

Fewer things to worry about and more time to focus on the essentials. That’s how HR Panorama helps HR departments work more effectively

Reporting – Import and Export Data

Reports - import and export of data

Gather information about absences and work hours. Create detailed and engaging reports based on the bulk data of timesheets. That way, you will present the state of your HR endeavors comprehensively and clearly. Analyze the stats to make data-based decisions in strategic areas.

Manage projects in HR Panorama, too. See which ones take the longest, how your costs are distributed, and whether the tasks are completed on time. Przeniesienie dane z kart pracy z innych systemów za pomocą arkuszy kalkulacyjnych do HR Panoramy zajmuje tylko kilka sekund, a wszystkie dane będą w jednym miejscu.

Import timesheets from other platforms in seconds thanks to our integration with popular spreadsheet tools. The more of your internal information is in one place, the smoother your work is.

System HR Panorama

Sync Timesheets with Projects

Assign an employee to projects and account for work hours. Monitor the duration and budget of your initiatives with greater efficiency than ever before.

Connect the timesheets with projects to know exactly how much time and resources have been allocated to the projects. Have a clear picture of how many hours each employee has participated in each of the projects.

That’s how a complex HR platform works. It combines multiple areas and makes work easier in all of them.


Update Timesheets in Mobile App

Employees don’t even have to open their computers to log an absence in the system. The same applies to accepting requests by their superiors. The start and end times of the workday can also be written in the app. It’s especially useful in professions where access to a laptop on-site is limited.

No matter what devices your employees use to fill out timesheets, the information is updated immediately. It means the HR department has real-time access to all the necessary info.