Use Cases

We solve our customers' problems by streamlining and automating processes

HR Panorama

Recruitment agency

One of our clients where there are many processes going on simultaneously . Selecting resumes, taking notes on interviews in notebooks or text editors, trying to organize the stages of recruitment, are very time-consuming tasks. Recruiters were looking for a solution that would allow them to optimize the recruitment process.


Accounting and personnel office

An accounting office that handles, among other things, the personnel services of its clients and the implementation of ERP systems. Personnel files and other personnel documents are kept in binders. Verification of documents takes a lot of time for the office staff and generates unnecessary delays related to the circulation process. Often contact with customers is difficult. By expanding the range of software offered with HR Panorame, the office becomes more competitive, tailoring its offer to the needs of customers.


IT company

A medium-sized software house is running several projects simultaneously for various clients at home and abroad. The challenge is assigning people with selected qualifications to tasks, scheduling replacements, checking time availability and accounting for time spent on a project.