Modern workforce management

Discover the features that will make personnel management faster, easier and more efficient. Discover how HR Panorama supports your HR department.

Nowoczesne zarządzanie personelem

One platform, many benefits

See what you gain from HR Panorama.

Simple management

The entire career path of employees is in one easy-to-use tool.

Greater knowledge of employees

In addition to standard personnel information, you can add custom fields and develop a team knowledge base.

Quick information search

A central digital document library linked to other modules helps you find what you're looking for in a snap.


The more you know, the better you work

The collection of all data in one place allows you to quickly modify and search information about each employee.

In addition to information related to employee development, you can also add skills, languages learned, education and employment history. All this is done to get to know your staff as well as possible and make the most of their advantages.

Because HR Panorama is a cohesive ecosystem, information from other modules, such as inventory, is also available in the employee card.

You can expand employee information fields and create a detailed library.

Vacation called and signed in where needed

Submitting and approving leave requests is easier than ever. Employees can submit requests from their computer or phone, and supervisors receive notifications to their email inbox and instant messengers like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

The HR department will instantly receive information about the leave request and approval. To make things even easier, all approved absences are automatically added to time cards.

The transparent system ensures that employees know how many vacation hours they have left to use, and the HR department can see their vacation history.

One system for many types of businesses

See what our customers gain by using HR Panorama.

One of our clients has reduced the time to issue contracts from a few hours to a few tens of minutes.

Knowing the status and location of drivers helps solve everyday problems on the road.

HR Panorama’s projects function improves human resource management and performance measurement.

Document management

Paperwork in order

HR Panorama includes a centralized library of documents: contracts, files, certificates and announcements.

The platform provides the ability to create document templates. You can prepare each of them once and send them to multiple employees at the same time.

You have access to them 24 hours a day. Documents are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

Create folders to group documents the way you want and better manage your work.
automation & reminders

The system will do it for you

Panorama's HR solutions allow you to speed up many manual tasks, while you save time and are assured that the tasks have been completed as they should be.

Work cards fill in automatically, which speeds up the process of accounting for hours.

It will take a few minutes instead of several hours to prepare several hundred personalized documents.

Automatic reminders in HR Panorama will help you remember to do important things.
Full control over data

Only those authorized to do so have access to sensitive data. You can easily export data to other tools.

Reduced task execution time

Your daily chores will get done faster with the automation and digitization of documents and other useful features of HR Panorama.

analytics and reports

Statistics ready right away

Monitor detailed data of individual employees, such as the number of projects or contract completion.

Statistics are calculated in real time, and updated data is available instantly.

Overseeing the effectiveness of your entire staff is just as simple. Check staffing growth rates, completed projects, and your own benchmarks, then compare the data to previous periods.

Instantly generate reports based on selected indicators and present data in an easy-to-understand manner.