Control over key activities in the company

HR Panorama is not just a place to store HR information. Our platform monitors deadlines for key activities and events and sends users reminders. The system will remember important things, even if you forget about them. Find out how we help companies manage HR effectively.

Renewal of contracts

The more employees, the more contracts. For those who have signed fixed-term contracts, it is important that the contract be renewed in a timely manner.

If an employee's contract is nearing its end, HR Panorama will send a notification to supervisors reminding them to renew it. The message is also received by the employee whose contract is coming to an end. You can also authorize other people to receive the message, such as the HR department. The list is configurable for each employee individually, and it only takes a moment to make the appropriate changes.

Deadline for medical examinations

A positive periodic medical examination is essential for many professions. With these taking place every few years, it is easy to lose track of time, and this risks serious consequences.

Our HR ecosystem will make sure that the relevant people in the company receive notification of upcoming periodic examinations. Just enter the date of the last and next checkup, and the platform will send a reminder in advance.

The message will be sent to the relevant employee and the human resources department. This means that no periodic examination will be a surprise.

Settlement of business trips

Employees who travel for business purposes should account for the expenses they incurred during the business trip. The process itself is very simple and can be done using our mobile app.

However, it is equally important to account for the right time frame. Fortunately, HR Panorama sends notifications to those who have reported the delegation in the system.

Automated notifications save HR time and support employees in sending receipts from business trips on time.

Acceptance of the time card

If employees use digital time cards in HR Panorama, their supervisors will receive information each time a card is completed and sent for approval in a given month.

If the supervisor fails to perform any action after a few days, the system will send a new notification to remind you to verify the card.

And when the supervisor does not accept the card, the employee will be informed immediately.


The HR ecosystem supports the deployment of new employees through the ability to create personalized onboarding paths. Supervisors' knowledge of the onboarding progress of the position and company operations is equally important. HR Panorama sends a message about the completed onboarding process by newly hired employees to the appropriate people in the company.

Employees who start a new career stage at the company receive a notification about the next steps they should complete to make their onboarding path successful. Messages with buttons directing to the appropriate places in the platform make the entire process easier and faster.

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Filling out company surveys

Surveys are a popular way to gather valuable information on company operations. Unfortunately, employees often forget to fill it out, prompting HR to remind employees about surveys via emails or instant messaging tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. This is a process that can be very easily automated with our tool.

HR Panorama solves the problem of notifying employees in two ways. The first is to send a message about the created survey to the company email address. The second is the option to display a message reminding employees to complete the survey every time they log into the system.

Upcoming events in calendar

Our HR ecosystem has a calendar function where you can record important company events, meetings and absences.

For each of these items, you can add the ability to send notifications before they start. You will receive a message to your business email address. This means that you can look at the calendar less often, and information worth your attention will still be visible.

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Changes in projects

In HR Panorama, you can track the progress of projects and related expenses. To keep you up to date on other aspects of ongoing initiatives as well, our tool will send you a message about the addition of a new person to the project, changes in the status of tasks, and the upcoming project completion date.