Control company costs in a simple and transparent way

See how HR Panorama can make accounting for expenses easier for your company.

company funds

Full control over costs in the company

The expense panel in HR Panorama allows HR to instantly access data related to expenses across the enterprise.

Our platform presents key information in a transparent manner. This allows the HR department to know who has company funds, how they are spent, and whether requests received have been approved in advance by superiors.

clearing of expenses

Facilitated cooperation of employees with the human resources department

Any employed person can record company expenses in our tool, send receipts and send costs to superiors for approval.

All this information goes to the HR department, which facilitates accounting for funds spent by employees. This ensures that all the data goes where it should.

Employees can send costs at weekly intervals. Thus, billing can take place more frequently. Breaking down the process into smaller parts makes it easier to control the amount of expenses that need to be billed and makes the HR department's job easier.

monitoring project costs

Connection to projects and events

One of the advantages of the HR ecosystem is the seamless exchange of data between different areas inside the tool. HR Panorama allows HR departments to easily monitor expenses related to individual projects and events.

This allows for accurate accounting of initiatives, business trips, corporate events, and many other events that require the HR department to reprocess costs.


Instant currency conversion

If your company works with foreign entities, our automatic conversion according to the latest exchange rate will save your HR department a lot of pain.

export expenses to excel file

Quickly export costs to a spreadsheet

HR departments use many tools. HR Panorama allows you to easily and quickly export data to a spreadsheet. This allows you to upload expenses to the accounting software your company uses. This makes accounting for expenses simple and transparent.

mobile access

Adding expenses from any device

Not all employees have access to a company laptop in every situation. If there is a need to send a bill for a business trip or an airline ticket, employees can do it through the mobile version. Simply take a picture of the bill and upload it to our mobile app.