Electronic signature

Save time with HR Panorama's electronic contract signing feature. See how the HR ecosystem can help streamline the generation and signing of contracts in your company.

Faster finalization of assignment contracts

Generate and conclude an assignment contract faster than ever before

An HR platform should be more than a digital library of data. The electronic signature feature available in HR Panorama helps speed up the creation and conclusion of contracts with employees. Whether your hires work in a single office or in multiple locations around the world, digitizing the finalization of assignment contracts makes the entire process more efficient.

the whole process in one place

From preparation to signature in one place

Printing, mailing, scanning, sending back - you can replace this time-consuming process with a digital equivalent. Our system makes the path from contract preparation to signing and approval 100% in one tool.

When an employee signs a contract, there is an automatic transfer to a pre-selected location, such as an e-file. This gives the HR department a set of documentation in the right place without having to manually transfer files.

automatic data import

Complete data directly from the system

Entering the data of the signatories of the agreement is no longer necessary. Our system will automatically download the information of the person who is to sign the agreement. When creating a document, you can import data from other HR Panorama modules, as well as from other ERP tools, such as Comarch Optima.

This way you can be sure that the data in the contract is factually correct, and that no information was entered incorrectly during the transcription.

Submitting the data also saves the time needed to draw up the contract.

contract templates

Quickly create and modify contracts with templates

The traditional way of creating contracts is based on templates. No company creates contracts for each employee from scratch. The digital way works exactly the same way. In HR Panorama, you quickly select a contract template with pre-filled content, logos and company data.

Combined with the automatic filling in of the contract signers' data, it takes much less time to prepare the finished document than the "paper" way of generating contracts.

When a new contract is signed, the previously existing contract is automatically archived. This provides transparency of information for the HR department.

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email notifications

Automatic notifications

After the employee and the employer sign the agreement, both parties receive a confirmation of the signature at the e-mail address indicated earlier.

Once the document is signed by the employee and accepted by the employer, the system automatically sends a confirmation of the agreement to the e-mail address. This is another of the many activities that the HR department no longer has to deal with after implementing electronic signatures in the company.

If you want a copy of the signed copy to be sent to the addressee, you can do it with one click.

compliance with the civil code

Compliance with regulations in force in WorldWide

The electronic signature of the contract of mandate meets the requirements of the Civil Code and does not require the use of a qualified signature or a traditional paper signature.

This means that if you sign a contract of mandate with your employees electronically in HR Panorama, it will be as valid as if it were printed and simply signed.

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