HR Panorama Ecosystem

What is the concept behind the construction of HR Panorama


Multiple tools forming one coherent system

HR Panorama streamlines basic HR processes, automating and simplifying approval cycles with a single click. The intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies tedious tasks. HR Panorama offers tools to help every stage of an employee's life, from issuing a job offer, to friendly and engaging onboarding, storing employee information and documents, recording time and absence, and offboarding.

Our approach


A key task for us is that HR Panorama is best suited to the needs of our clients. We listen carefully to their voices and develop our system taking them into account.

Friendly interface

We are committed to ensuring that employees want to use HR Panorama and not treat it as a necessary evil. That's why we try to simplify and automate processes as much as possible wherever possible.

Modernity and security

We keep our finger on the pulse to ensure that our system keeps up with trends while ensuring the security of our clients' data.

Składowe HR Panoramy

Personnel management

You decide on personnel changes, participation in projects/groups and assign access and roles in the system. You create surveys, delegate tasks and evaluate skills.


You will create the organization's culture in the eyes of new hires. Design various implementation processes. Monitor progress, learn lessons and identify problems by collecting feedback.

Urlopy i nieobecności

Good workflow first and foremost! Efficiently manage absences, approve requests and assign replacements.

Company events

Keep your hand in! A company calendar will help you deal with managing the numerous events in your organization.

Counting working time

As many challenges as many opportunities to complete them with HR Panorama. Gather timesheets from offices, grounds and keycards and export them to payroll programs.

Project management

Create a borderless project template, add surveys, memo description fields, contacts, guidelines and locations. Assign employees, monitor and manage work time.

Employee records

Everything in digital form, with change history and access levels. Employee self-service speeds up the documentation flow process.

Internal company announcements

A bulletin board of all kinds. Use at your discretion.


Comprehensive ATS-class tool. Interactive kanban, data collection, source tracking and job creation. Personalized website.

Organizational structure

Graphical visualization of the company's job chart with subordinates, departments and locations.


It is used to create a good in the system with its detailed data, list of suppliers and manufacturers. Assignment to an employee and location, accounting for takings and returns.


Sent in the system, by email or SMS.
Collective chat and message templates will save your time, history is saved in real time.

Dashboards and reports

Each module is equipped with an individual dashboard with key and up-to-date information about employees, documents, jobs, etc.


Recruitment or payroll processes? Or maybe a difficult project? Outsource the tasks to an external company, provide the system being up to date with the data.


We match for your convenience. Connect HR Panorama with messaging and calendars from popular providers.