Bet on learning and employee development

Using HR Panorama will make it easier to support education and development, and the HR department will have a complete set of information at hand whenever it needs it.

implementation of employees and much more


Create a personalized onboarding path for employees based on templates. Add documents to read and confirm to make sure new employees know company policies.

You don't need external tools to conduct health and safety training. With HR Panorama, you can easily create tests and collect answers to questions directly into the platform.

And after onboarding, send questionnaires to the company in which employees evaluate the onboarding process and identify elements for improvement. In this way, you will collect relevant information that you can use to improve the familiarization of new people with their workplace.

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employee development management center


Want more control over who gets new skills and when? Our platform can be your training management center.

Gather training information for all employees in one place. Training Library provides easy access to data related to professional courses.

In addition to dates and a list of related employees, you can also monitor and record whether training has been completed.

With automation, the system will remind you of upcoming courses. You can enter one-time or recurring events, depending on your needs.

modern system of employee evaluation

Employee 360 assessment

The more people who evaluate an employee, the better the quality of feedback on him. In HR Panorama you can conduct a 360 evaluation. This means that in addition to the immediate supervisor, co-workers and subordinates also participate in the evaluation.

All you have to do is create a survey in which you tag relevant employees. None of the participants will see the answers of others.

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feedback and employee satisfaction


Collect team members' opinions on any topic. Create surveys in HR Panorama and measure satisfaction with company changes.

Our tool offers complete freedom in creating questionnaires. You can send them to the whole company or limit the number of participants by position or specific individuals.

The results of the surveys - both named and anonymous - are collected in the platform, where you can analyze the responses and statistics in detail.

Survey templates speed up survey creation. You can use previous questionnaires and adapt them in the future.