We protect your data

All data is instantly saved to multiple disks, backed up daily and stored in multiple locations.
Files sent by our clients are stored on servers of reputable companies and use modern techniques
preventing unauthorized access to resources. Your data is transmitted using HTTPS.

Any files you send to us are stored and encrypted.
Our application databases are generally not encrypted – the information you add to the application is active in our databases and is subject to the same protection and monitoring as the rest of our systems.

Data location

Our data centers are located in Poland and Germany.

Regularly updated infrastructure

Our software infrastructure is regularly updated with the latest security patches.

Full redundancy for all major systems

Our servers – from power supplies to Internet connectivity to air purification systems – operate with full redundancy.

Two-Factor Logging (2FA)

The basis of computer security since the dawn of time has been a combination of username and password. But we’ve known for a long time that this is simply not enough. People really have difficulty with passwords, so they often
They use them again – even if they know they shouldn’t. Remembering a few strong, secure passwords is just too difficult.

A big step forward is two-factor authentication (known as 2FA). This is when you combine something you know (a password) with something you have (a key, which is often your phone). This means that even if someone guesses your password, they won’t be able to access your account.
The thief also has to get his hands on that second factor, the key, which is usually on the phone, which itself is usually protected by biometric security (face scan or fingerprint).

HR Panorama allows you to force all employees to log in using a two-factor login.

We use the TOTP protocol, which can be used by a myriad of applications for authentication. We recommend Microsoft Authenticator, but you can use Authy, Google Authenticator or any other key generator that supports TOTP.

Constant monitoring

Our employees’ access to customer data is limited and constantly monitored. We also make every effort to ensure the highest level of security, but should, under unfortunate circumstances, someone malicious successfully carry out an attack, we will immediately notify all affected customers.

We use Cloudflare

Cloudflare is essentially a content delivery network (CDN). Cloudflare’s primary function is to help small and large companies secure their online resources
and making them faster. It was founded in 2009 with the original goal of finding the source of email spam and eliminating it. Over the years it has evolved
and currently provides DNS and security services to millions of customers. Today it is one of the largest cloud networking platforms and is trusted by more than 12 million domains. In addition, it handles about 10% of all Internet traffic.

Cloudflare’s security features are highly regarded and help protect our system. Automatically blocks threats such as data breaches, bot attacks
and DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. In addition to providing a high level of security, this will ensure that disruption and downtime are minimized
In HR Panorama.