HRIS - human resource information system

HR Panorama is an HRIS/HRMS type system that will effectively support your HR department or help you outsource it while maintaining full control over employee and candidate data.


What is HRIS (Human Resource Information System human resources)?

HRIS (Human Resource Information System) stands for Human Resource Information System. HRIS provides functions that support the HR department in a wide range of tasks, from finding and hiring employees to managing the organization. HRIS will support HR managers as well as employees, recruiters, new hires and long-time team members.

HR Panorama allows the company to plan personnel costs more efficiently and leads to greater efficiency in HR decision-making.

Benefits of using an HRIS-type system?

With the right HRIS, you can track changes in everything related to employees: attendance, raises, pay groups, positions held, training, etc.


The second issue is compliance with regulations. This includes identification material for employees in case of misbehavior, first-contact information in case of accidents, citizen identification information for the tax office and expiration dates for mandatory certificates. Another reason is efficiency. Having all this information in one place not only helps improve accuracy, but also saves time.

A final benefit is the ability to offer self-service HR for staff and managers. This allows employees to manage their own affairs.


What are the basic functionalities of the HRIS system?

  • Employee retention
  • Hiring
  • Admissions to and dismissals from work
  • Administration
  • Payroll management
  • Absence management
  • Leave management
  • Tracking and managing employee benefits
  • Human resource planning
  • Recruitment/learning management
  • Performance management and evaluations
  • Employee self-service
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Reassignment of employees

How do HRIS features support the HR department in managing human resources?

The HRIS system makes it easy to aggregate the necessary information about employees' employment and earnings. With access to the system, HR staff can generate information on salaries, raises granted, grade, training that employees should undergo, vacations, etc.


With quick access to such information, it is easier to manage processes and control whether the company is properly performing its duties to employees. You can also easily compare selected employee data and generate statements.

Fast access to information greatly facilitates the work of HR departments that are constantly processing data on employees. The system will also find application in the recruitment process, as it allows easy aggregation of information about candidates and comparison of resume elements that are relevant to the person conducting the process.

Although HR departments are the biggest beneficiaries of the HRIS system, it will also benefit managers - especially those managing large teams - who need to gather information about their employees. The HRIS system makes it significantly easier to organize and retrieve data for reports and analysis, and presents it in an easy-to-read manner.

Is it difficult to operate the HR Panorama management system?

Operating the HRIS system is easy, and the system itself works in an intuitive way so that the user moves smoothly between functions.

HR Panorama - HRMS, HRIS, HCM (Human Capital Management) and ERP system.

The HR Panorama system meets the requirements of HRMS, HRIS, HCM and ERP systems - it includes their functions and is compatible with them. It is designed to outsource HR functions in a company - regardless of its size and profile - while maintaining the confidentiality of all employee and candidate data contained therein.

The system is fully compliant with data protection regulations - respecting them is a priority. Our clients can rest assured that no confidential information will leak out, and we will adapt the system to the new requirements if the regulations change.