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HR Panorama improves, accelerates, and automates various HR processes. You can focus on growing your business and increasing employee satisfaction. See what cutting-edge HR software can do for you.

HR Panorama

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HR support software from A to Z

From the start of recruitment to the end of cooperation - the entire employee path in one easy-to-use tool. The command center of a modern HR department tailored to your needs.


Why HR Panorama?

have created an all-in-one platform that contains multiple HR tools and is easy to implement in any business – no matter the size and industry. A Swiss army knife for personnel management, if you will. All elements of HR Panorama are interconnected, creating one coherent ecosystem, a feature-packed hub for the HR department. Our platform is used by large corporations and small, up-and-coming businesses alike. The software is constantly expanded with new features. We follow trends and the ever-changing legal requirements to provide our clients with a hassle-free experience in a demanding world of human resources.

  • Employee management
  • Onboarding
  • Recruitment
HR Panorama - Dashboard
Zarządzanie pracownikami z HR Panorama
Employee Management – It’s all About the People

These solutions make life easier for HR departments every day.

Digital documentation

Save space and paper – keep all your documents safely in the cloud. Searching, filtering, copying, and sending becomes much simpler, and you have access to the entire database from anywhere you are – just log in to your account.


Filling out a timesheet takes just a few clicks instead of hours. Our templates combined with automation turn a time-consuming chore into a lightning-quick action.

Electronic Signatures

Create any type of contract in a blink of an eye and send them to your employees for e-signature, wherever they are. Add automatic fields to customize a contract to a given employee or position. Keep the documents safely in the cloud and access them immediately on the platform.

Time off

Automatic accrual of time off after the superior’s approval makes managing and tracking PTO even faster and simpler for the HR department.

Onboarding – A Warm and Thorough Welcome

HR Panorama gives you the tools that structure and automate the onboarding process in your company.

The introduction of new hires will take less time, and you will be able to modify the onboarding journey in a few clicks. That way, all new team members get the whole set of documents and information, making it easier for them to get started on the right note.

Detailed reports will help you get insights from previous onboarding experiences and optimize future implementations.

Detailed reports will help you learn lessons and optimize the deployment of new team members.

Onboarding z systemem HR Panorama
Onboarding pracowników z HR Panorama
Rekrutacja z systemem HR Panorama
Rekrutacja pracowników z HR Panorama
Recruitment – The Best or Nothing

Interview, analyze, and hire the best candidates.

Kanban Board

Our intuitive and customizable board allows you to manage every step of the recruitment much easier. Add team members or outside recruiters so they can take an active part in the entire process of finding new employees.


Assigning access to outside entities has to be secure. Sensitive information is kept on the platform, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data.0

Job offer creator

Quickly create custom job postings so the candidates send their CVs straight to HR Panorama. Once you have the necessary information, it’s easier to go to the next stages of recruitment. After all, everything you need to know about potential employees is in one place.


Tailor-made HR Software

Tailor-made HR Software HR Panorama works in all kinds of companies. You can use it under your branding and personalize it the way you see fit: assign access to select employees or third-party contractors and connect other tools.

System HR Panorama automatyzuje pracę

Things Happen on Their Own

What used to take hours, now takes mere moments. HR Panorama automates your work on every stage of an employee’s life cycle: from recruitment to offboarding.

With our smart solutions, the HR specialists will save countless hours every single year.

Best of all, the platform will remind you about

important actions before the deadline. Nothing will slip your mind ever again.


These Features Make a Difference

Get more done and manage company resources – human or otherwise – easier with HR Panorama.

Time Management

Better control over the hours equals easier accounting. Integrations with popular tools improve the exchange of information


Calendar All upcoming events in one place and visible to the people involved. That’s how you achieve a better flow of information and coordination between departments. Synchronize a smartphone calendar to keep tabs on important meetings even if you’re on the go.

Organization chart

Clear view of the entire structure of the company. Useful to new hires and experienced team members, especially in a fast-growing business. Knowing who’s who in a business is key to effective communication and cooperation.


Keep track of projects in the HR system. Connect the projects with timesheets to streamline accounting. Manage time spent on projects, expenses, and progress without the need to use any other tool.


Manage company purchases in HR Panorama. Monitor the costs, the assignees, and the history of use of any product in your business, from laptops to clothing, to company cars and more

Communication Hub

Whether you use email, text messaging, or in-app messages, you have access to the entire history of HR correspondence with employees. Send bulk messages to reach multiple team members with must-know announcements much faster.

Bezpieczeństwo danych

Security is a must, period.

HR Panorama uses the latest security measures, giving you confidence that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information. The documents are encrypted, and users can log in using two-factor authentication. On top of that, our platform is fully GDPR compliant.

Łatwa synchronizacja systemu HR Panorama

Ready for integrations

Connect HR Panorama with other software you use on a daily basis to maximize the potential of the platform. Create a seamless environment of interconnected apps and work smoother, faster, and more efficiently.


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