We solve our customers problems by streamlining and automating processes

Recruitment Agency

One of our clients where many processes take place simultaneously. Selection of CVs, notes from interviews in notebooks or text editors, attempts to organize the stages of the recruitment process are very time-consuming tasks. Recruiters were looking for a solution that would allow them to optimize the recruitment process.

Benefits after implementing HR Panorama:
  • the entire recruitment process is conducted in one place.
  • acceleration of the selection of candidates
  • ordering the recruitment process thanks to the interactive recruitment funnel
  • quick statusing of candidates
  • the possibility of adding notes and assessment of „impression” after an interview with a candidate
  • the option to send an invitation to a person not involved in the recruitment process, to evaluate the candidate
  • visibility of the number of candidates in the process
  • quick view of application documents
  • integration with job portals, which allows for automatic publication of job offers in many places simultaneously
  • increased efficiency of the recruitment process
  • security of stored data
  • the possibility of contacting candidates from the system level via e-mail or sms.
  • complex onboarding process
How long did it take to implement?

The client chose a self-service implementation process. We provided all the necessary support materials to provide knowledge about the program in the most accessible form.
The Import/Export of employee records feature helped in quick data migration so that the implementation and internal training process took only 3 days.

use case

Accounting Office

An accounting office that deals with, among other things, HR services for its clients. Personal files and other personnel documents are kept in binders. Verification of documents takes a lot of time of office employees and generates unnecessary delays related to the circulation of documents. Contact with clients is often difficult.

Benefits after HRP implementation:
  • customers upload documents to the system themselves thanks to the option of sharing modules, which significantly reduces the time of to documentation workflow.
  • clients have the possibility of  viev data, which reduces the number of telephone or e-mail queries
  • the mobility of HRP, ensured access to data from any place in the world
  • storing information in a digital form eliminated the risk of losing or destroying documents.
  • improved communication with clients
How long did it take to implement?

Openness to change and willingness to learn made the implementation process run quickly and successfully. Thanks to our help in data migration, the system was ready to work in less than 4 days.

use case

Chain stores

A large chain store with several hundred employees. Previously, work schedules were created by managers of individual stores on pieces of paper or in spreadsheets. Timesheets were delivered with a delay to the human resources department. Managers were looking for a tool to standardize time management. Thanks to HRP, managers create timesheets very quickly. At the same time, the system keeps an eye on the standards legal norm related to working time. Employees control the number of leave days and can send leave requests straight from their smartphone. Store managers can also view employee absences, so they can easily create vacation plans and manage absences

Benefits after HRP implementation:
  • automating the time management process
  • compliance with the Labour Code regulations
  • greater control over employee absence with less effort
  • data from the system is integrated with the ERP system and is subsequently used for payroll calculation
  • reducing the workload of the HR department
  • organizing substitution for the time of absence and contact with people involved in this procedure
  • vacation requests, sick leave monitoring and related activities, two-way communication
  • flow of information related to absences – a company calendar with absences (of various types) or absences list for quick viewing by authorised persons
  • Calculating absence ratios (absence rate)
  • defining the amount of leave to which a newly employed person is entitled and their entitlement to other types of absences.
How long did it take to implement?

After the analysis process the Client decided to implement solutions allowing for digitalization of selected HR processes. The whole procedure took about 3 months, the project was demanding and multifaceted. The phase of internal tests guaranteed the effectiveness of our solution.

use case

A family business

A small family business selling regional products was looking for an intuitive solution that would help them prepare faster administrative work so that they could focus mainly on their core business of selling regional products.

Benefits after HRP implementation:
  • acceleration of many works that were previously done manually.
  • complex HR services for the company
  • keeping all data about employees in one place
  • preparation of HR documents in a few moments
  • improving quality and efficiency of work
  • many tedious HR actions have been replaced with a few mouse clicks
  • facilitation of communication between employees thanks to built-in communication channels
  • better task coordination thanks to the possibility of creating project groups
  • thanks to the inventory functionality, company resources and assignments to particular people can be easily found in the system
How long did it take to implement?

The implementation went quickly and successfully. After the system presentation, the younger members of the family quickly adopted the knowledge and shared it with the rest of the family members, resulting in a full digital transformation in just 2 days.