Find, analyze and hire the best candidates

Statistical and graphical information on recruitment processes. It contains a list of active job offers and a general list of candidates applying for the selected position. We also have at our disposal statistics with a graphical presentation, in terms of the entire organization and by company.

Number of applicants for the selected position

Recruitment calendar

List of new applications from candidates

Statistics and job statuses

Recruitment sources statistics


Simplified hiring process


Simple and two-way communication to send documents necessary for the hiring process. Ability to send messages and documentation from predefined templates to multiple candidates at once.

Integration with other modules

All entered data stays in the system and is distributed among relevant modules. You can change the candidate profile into an employee profile with a single click and start the process of defining on-boarding right away.


Welcome the new employee on board and prepare an onboarding plan outlining its elements . Familiarize with consents and regulations and assign a „mentor”.Efficiently distribute information and documents necessary to finalize the process.


Job offers

Direct access to the list of candidates applying for a selected job offer and a personalized recruitment funnel. You can see information about active job offers. It is possible to list job offers on selected job boards and to expand the fields according to individual needs of a given company, e.g. by adding fields concerning tax issues, clothing sizes, etc.

Job offers


A dedicated page for your job listings

Each company with access to HR Panorama gets a dedicated jobs page in the package. Job offers are created, edited and posted on the site via a function in HR Panorama. Information entered by candidates applying directly through the dedicated page is collected and segregated in the system.

A dedicated page for your job listings


Kanban for recruiting steps

Graphical and fully editable presentation of the recruitment process. First, you define the stages of recruitment – create a funnel – for a given position to easily manage the entire process. You can check at which stage of the recruitment process the candidates are and easily move their profiles between successive stages.

Kanban for recruiting steps

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Candidate profile

Dashboard containing, among other things, applications and candidate details. There is available a list of approvals which the candidate has given, notes, documents sent by him and the panel of communication with the history. With one click we change the profile in the system from candidate to employee.

Candidate profile

Integration with the personnel module

Instead of juggling data between different systems, run the entire hiring process directly in HR Panorama.

Access for third parties

If you wish to outsource the recruitment process to an external company, and at the same time keep all the data in the system, you can easily do so by granting access to the recruitment module to a selected agency.

Export do PDF

Export single or multiple candidate data to PDF with a single click.


Candidate evaluation system

Candidate evaluation module allows you to determine whether the candidate meets the expectations of the offer he applied for. You can also evaluate, on a five-star scale, his qualifications for the position and invite a person from outside the recruitment process to evaluate candidate.

Candidate evaluation system


Collective communication

Function of sending messages to multiple candidates with option of inserting predefined template. Ability to set notification of the sent message – notification in the system, e-mail or SMS. History of communication is archived.

Collective communication

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