Adjusted Tools to manage recruitment and each stage of employment process

HR Panorama streamlines key processes related to employees and candidates. You can easily collect, analyze and securely store data of people you employ.

<span style="font-size: 40px; line-height: 25px !important;">Adjusted Tools to manage recruitment and each stage of employment process</span>

Personal details
Employee information within a few clicks

Personal details<br><div style="font-weight: 300; color: #777">Employee information within a few clicks</div>
Personal information

Complete information about employees. Contact details and data needed for accounting. Expandable with any new fields ready to define


Full documentation concerning the selected employee, e.g. contracts, certificates, health and safety training, work documents, along with access to the history of changes

Time sheets

Time cards of the selected employee, along with their status, on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. It is possible to switch the view between working time in a given month or on a given project


Everything in one place! Employee and company calendar with all events such as meetings, trips, vacations and business trips. Instant access to scheduled events on a company-wide scale

Professional experience

Career history of the employee in question. List of former employers with all details.


A list of an employee’s skills, along with their two-way assessment – both by the employee themselves and by the company.

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Acquiring, analyzing and hiring
from now on simply and intuitively

Recruitment<br><div style="font-weight: 300; color: #777;">Acquiring, analyzing and hiring<br>from now on simply and intuitively </div>
Job offers

Creation of job offers with the possibility of an extended description. Extensive but simple candidate evaluation mechanism. Possibility to invite a person from outside the recruitment process for evaluation. Different currencies of the salary and editable stages of assessment.

Your own job site

Candidates can apply for your job offer through a dedicated website that every company using HR Panorama receives for free.


Visualize the interview pipeline of all candidates. A quick view, and the ability to easily move candidates between recruitment processes. It is perfect for larger projects because it organizes the stages of the entire process.

Applicant Profile

Each candidate gains access to own profile through which can upload documents and fill in information about himself/herself. An integrated calendar and communication panel are also available and ready to use.

Easy hiring

After a successful recruitment process you can transform a candidate into an employee with a single click. All data entered into the system and the entire history of previous communication is retained.

Third-party access

It is possible to grant access for e.g recruitment module to external companies. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to commission various tasks, while maintaining full control over the process and data stored in the system.

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Time management
Integrate with your ERP system

Time management<br><div style="font-weight: 300; color: #777;">Integrate with your ERP system</div>
Time sheets

Timesheets play an important role in labor management. Tracking time billing to charge clients, assessing whether the result is worth the effort put in. Calculating payroll and other expenses are just a few of the key examples.


Quickly and smoothly transfer data between systems. Integrate HR Panorama with popular ERP solution providers (Optima CDN, Enova, Sage Symfonia, etc.) and accelerate processes in your company.

Weekly schedule

Automatically generate time cards based on scheduled weekly schedule. Calendar integration will improve information flow.