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What is an HRIS/HRMS product?

HRIS/HRMS – HRMS is human resource management software that connects multiple systems and processes to provide easy management of human resources, business processes and data.

SaaS – is software as a service purchased from a cloud service provider. You pay for the ability to use the application within your organization, and users connect to it over the Internet, typically using a web browser. All of the underlying infrastructure, middleware, and software and application data reside in the service provider’s data center. A SaaS solution allows organizations to quickly start using the application with minimal upfront cost.


What is HR Panorama?

HR Panorama is an HRIS/HRMS system that will effectively support your HR department and help you outsource one of the modules while maintaining full control over employee and candidate data. You can carry out many complete processes related to HR management.

How long does it take to implement HR Panorama?

It all depends on the number of employees and the scope of the imported data. Usually it is up to a few days. Panorama’s HR team is available to assist you if needed.

For which processes in my company will HR Panorama be useful?

HR panorama will allow you to carry out the processes of:

– Recruitment, by creating and posting job offers on a dedicated website or selected portals. Managing recruitment stages, sending documents and communicating with candidates as well as hiring and managing staff.

– Processes related to the workflow of documents and communication with the history recorded in the system on an ongoing basis.

– HR processes including working time schedules

– processes of assigning and gathering information about resources in a company.


Can I import data from other programs into HR Panorama?

Yes, you can import data from any program that can export data to CSV or Excel files such as: CDN OPTIMA, ENOVA 365, SAGE SYMFONIA

Will HR Panorama help me import the data?

Of course! Although we offer tools for importing employees on your own, if you have any doubts we can help you to make the implementation as smooth as possible.

In which languages can HR Panorama be used?

At the moment HR Panorama supports two languages: English and Polish.

Why choose HR Panorama and not another HRIS/HRMS product?

We focus only on the most important areas of your business and tailor tools that will optimize many processes. We offer integration with other popular tools to create a complete work environment. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience, try it for free for 14 days and change your business.

What benefits will I get from using HR Panorama?

If you don’t already use a comprehensive HRIS/HCM program, you will streamline and significantly accelerate your company’s processes.

In the age of remote/hybrid working, managing and gathering information in an accessible form meets the challenges.

If you use stationary IT systems you can reduce the cost of hardware maintenance and support in favor of a cloud solution (SaaS).

You ensure fast and secure document flow in your company.

All processes are carried out in one environment with the possibility of integration with other systems.


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