Human Resources
Management System

Effortless employee management. Manage hiring, employee records, documents, payrolls, inventory and more.
No more spreadsheets

<span style="font-size: 45px;">Human Resources<br><span style="font-weight: 300;">Management System</span></span>

Select the right tools

We organize, simplify, automate.

– key functionalities of ATS tools
– fast document search and generation using metatags
– single platform for communication and document circulation
– dedicated website with job offers


Interactive representation of the recruitment process, customize or modify as needed.


Finally, you will know where the most applications for a particular job are coming from.


Share your system with external companies. Give access to the HR Panorama selected module and recive live business data .


Build your company’s image with a dedicated page with job offers
Use a collective sending of emails and messages
Invite people from outside the process to evaluate a candidate

Select the right  tools

Enjoy your HR life

We organize, simplify, automate.

– simple collection of data such as time cards or vacations
– fast, searchable and generating documents
– common platform for communication and document circulation
– employee handbook with personal data, contracts, work experience, certificates, courses, etc.

Reminders for employees.

You don’t have to remember everything. Set up automatic email reminders in your system for various issues.

integrations with payroll systems.

With a single click you can export data such as time sheets to your payroll software for calculation.

employee self-service portal.

No more endless questions. Each employee has access to his/her own account with key information and features that will relieve you in your daily work.


Meta tags helps you to generate many personalized documents at once.
Receive important information in form of info graphics and statistics.
As an additional option we offer electronic signature and digitalization*.

Enjoy your HR life

Be the captain of your ship

Set a course, pinpoint locations, manage your crew.

– determination of geo-location of the workplace
– START/STOP system on smartphones with GPS to monitor working time
– synchronization with magnetic cards in the company
– creation of groups, projects and internal communication

job location on google maps

Pinpoint where field work begins and ends. Time cards combined with geo-location will gather information for you about the location and time each employee works.

Fast system search and doc. generation using meta tags.

Working with a large staff is not a problem. Use the document search and TAGging functions to find interesting data in a few seconds. Thanks to this function you can also generate many personalized documents at one time.

one communication platform with API.

Are you using other tools? Don’t give up what you like! We have integrated the most popular communication systems for you. Google Calendar, MS Teams and Slack.


Managing several companies with one instance of HR Panorama.
Time accounting by projects and companies.
Home office by hour.
Photos and notes for projects and working day.

Be the captain of your ship

HR Panorama integrates with

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